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    May 22, 2014 | Posted By: | News |

    Watch a retrospective documentary directed by Rollo Jackson, giving insight into NOW’s long-standing career and 25 years of music history.

     “The real heartwarming sort of thing about doing this project, and celebrating this project, is that everybody I asked to do a remix was honoured to do it. This is what this has been about is really, really getting back to why you even make music, what is this relationship to music. Because it is fun and I love it. Full Stop.” – George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax)

    The documentary was made at Evelyn’s home in Ibiza to celebrate his upcoming N.O.W IS THE TIME compilation in celebration of his 25-year career.

    Pre-order N.O.W IS THE TIME:
    Bleep –
    iTunes – (standard)
    iTunes – (box set)
    Amazon –

    2014 tour dates:

    23-25th – Baltic Soul Weekender, Germany (DJ) [tickets]
    31st – UNARTE, Bucharest, Romania (DJ) [tickets on the door]

    7th – Plisskens Festival, Greece [tickets]
    18 – Neumos, Seattle, WA [tickets]
    20-22 – What The Festival?, Dufur, OR [tickets]
    21 – Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA [tickets]
    22 – Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [tickets]
    23 – House Of Blues, San Diego, CA [tickets]
    24 – Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ [tickets]
    26- Belly Up, Aspen, CO [tickets]
    27 – Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO [tickets]
    28 – Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO [tickets]

    1- Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI [tickets]
    3 – Concorde Music Hall, Chicago, IL [tickets]
    4 – The Parish (DJ Set), Austin, TX [tickets]
    5 – Magic Stick, Detroit, MI [tickets]
    6 – Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH [tickets]
    9 – Irving Plaza, New York, NY [tickets]
    10 – Paradise, Boston, MA [tickets]
    11 -13 – Hudson Project, Saugerties, NY [tickets]
    12 – Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA [tickets]
    13 – U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC
    16 – Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC [tickets]
    18-20 – Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY [tickets]
    19 – Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA [tickets]
    20 – Terminal West, Atlanta, GA [tickets]
    21 – Grand Central, Miami, FL [tickets]
    26th – Voix Du Gaou Festival, France (DJ) [tickets]
    27th – Think! Festival, Germany (DJ) [tickets]
    31st – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    7th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    9th – Beacons Festival, Yorkshire, UK [tickets]
    14th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    21st – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    28th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    29th – Fabric, London, UK

    4th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    5th – Club 134, Dusseldorf, Germany (DJ)
    6th – Arm aber OK, Kassel, Germany (DJ)
    11th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    18th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza
    19th – Cumberlandsche Galerie, Hannover, Germany (DJ)
    20th – Reworks Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece (DJ)
    27th – Double Denim Disco, Rolling Stock, London (DJ)

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    Nightmares on wax announces ‘N.O.W is the time’, an album celebrating 25 years of music

    April 24, 2014 | Posted By: | Live shows and DJ events · News |

    After 25 years of producing and recording music, Nightmares On Wax – Warp Records’ longest serving artist – will release N.O.W IS THE TIME on 16th June. The album will comprise a special selection of N.O.W highlights, and the full tracklisting will be revealed over the coming weeks via streaming services.


    George ‘E.A.S.E’ Evelyn, AKA Nightmares On Wax, has released a range of records that have been integral to cultural movements and electronic music. He spent his youth b-boying his way around the streets of Leeds and Bradford as part of teenage breakdance crew the Solar City Rockers. After cutting some embryonic rave tracks with musical co-conspirator Kevin ‘Boy Wonder’ Harper, the duo signed to Warp and released debut album A Word Of Science, becoming instrumental in the bleep explosion; with tracks such as ‘Dextrous’ and ‘Aftermath’ attaining mythical status for a generation of clubbers. George continued as a solo artist, still under the Nightmares On Wax moniker, going on to produce definitive albums Smokers Delight and Carboot Soul – both of which helped shape the burgeoning down tempo hip-hop scene, and tracks such as ‘Les Nuits’ being widely regarded as chillout classics. Later albums such as In A Space Outta Sound continue to be staple afterparty favourites, with the track ‘You Wish’ in particular being featured in numerous DJ mixes, compilations, in club sets. The most recent Nightmares On Wax album, 2013’s ‘Feelin’ Good’, weaves a musical thread through a plethora of styles that N.O.W have explored over the years, including hip-hop, jazz, soul, and funk. Evelyn is now preparing to look back and celebrate their body of work to date with the N.O.W IS THE TIME release and tour.

    This highly anticipated album will also be available in a special Deep Down box set edition for fans, with the 2 discs best-of accompanied by 2 exclusive vinyl LPs and a 12” x 12” book of unseen photographs, memorabilia and extensive interviews with key figures in the development of Nightmares On Wax, including Warp co-founder Steve Beckett, original Nightmares member Kev Harper, Robin Taylor-Firth, and George himself – conducted by Bill Brewster (author of Last Night A DJ Changed My Life). The 2 vinyl LPs feature unreleased tracks; rarities such as their collaboration with De La Soul, classic remixes from the likes of LFO and Mr Scruff, and brand new re-works by Morgan Geist, Optimo, Loco Dice, Special Request and Ashley Beedle.

    Evelyn will also be taking his current live band – vocalists Ricky Ranking & Mozez (Zero 7), percussionist Shovell (M People, EU shows only), and drummer Grant Kershaw – on a N.O.W IS THE TIME tour, the most expansive set of live dates that Nightmares On Wax have ever embarked on. Promising to continue their ethos of creating an immersive experience aimed to transport listeners into the joyful world of sound systems, all-day parties and endless fun. Paradoxically, the only nightmare in this audio adventure is in the name. “To feel good is only a thought away,” affirms George. “The feeling is all that matters.”



    Live dates:


    2nd – The Night Kitchen, Sheffield, UK (DJ)

    8-10th –   XJazz Festival Berlin, Germany

    11th – Amante Beach club opening, Ibiza (DJ)

    16th – Salerno, Italy (DJ)

    23-25th – Baltic Soul Weekender, Germany (DJ)

    31st – UNARTE, Bucharest, Romania (DJ)


    7th – Plisskens Festival, Greece

    18th – Neumos, Seattle, WA

    20th – What The Festival?, Dufur, OR

    21st – Regency, San Francisco, CA

    22nd – Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

    23rd – House Of Blues, San Diego, CA

    24th – Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ

    26th – Belly Up, Aspen, CO

    27th – Fox, Boulder, CO

    28th – Gothic, Denver, CO


    1st – Majestic, Madison, WI

    3rd – Concorde Music Hall, Chicago, IL

    4th – The Parish, Austin, TX

    5th – Magic Stick, Detroit, MI

    6th – Grog Shop, Clevelend, OH

    8th – Paradise, Boston, MA

    9th – Irving Plaza, New York, NY

    11th – Hudson Project, Saugerties, NY

    12th – Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA

    16th – Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC

    18th – Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY

    19th – Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

    20th – Terminal West, Atlanta, GA

    21st – Grand Central, Miami, FL

    26th – Voix Du Gaou Festival, France (DJ)

    27th – Think! Festival, Germany (DJ)

    31st – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza


    7th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    9th – Beacons Festival, UK

    14th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    21st – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    28th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    29th – Fabric, London, UK


    4th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    5th – Club 134, Dusseldorf, Germany (DJ)

    6th – Arm aber OK, Kassel, Germany (DJ)

    11th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    18th – Wax Da Jam Party, Ibiza

    19th – Cumberlandsche Galerie, Hannover, Germany (DJ)

    20th – Reworks Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece (DJ)

    27th – Double Denim Disco, Rolling Stock, London (DJ)

    Subscribe to the N.O.W. IS THE TIME playlists:

    Spotify (via Nightmares on Wax)

    Deezer (via Warp Records)

    Beats Music (via Warp Records)

    Rdio (Via Warp Records)


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    Upcoming Nightmares on wax live shows & DJ dates 2014

    March 2, 2014 | Posted By: | Live shows and DJ events |

    Hi all…

    It”s been a while since i let you into the world of N.O.W :-)

    I have lots cooking in the pot at the moment , as we prepare to celebrate 25yrs of releasing records !

    Yep! it really has been that long! So i have been doing lot”s of digging through archive stuff, some audio some memorabilia.

    More to tell on this later.

    Lots of people been hitting me up about show and Dj dates , so without further or do here”s what we have coming up -:


    Nightmares on wax DJ tour across the US in March 

    DJ_EASE_Baltic Soul W6


    20 – Salt online casino Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
    21 – Austin, TX @ The Parish
    22 – San Francisco, CA @ Mighty
    27 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
    28 – Chicago, IL @ The Mid
    29 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop

    For a taste of the Nightmares on Wax DJ set, check out his Boiler Room performance from August last year at


    16th Hub Music Project

    CITY: Salerno, Italy

    VENUE: :


    Nightmares on wax live shows 



    7th Athens


    9th Beacons Festival Skipton UK


    13th Zoo project festival UK – Nightmares on wax presents Wax Da Jam


    I”ll be updating this post over the coming weeks, as we announce our plans for 25yrs of N.O.W celebrations .

    Much Love and Light to you all

    E.A.S.E pka George xxx


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  • #Feelin’ Good US tour and 2013 round up!

    December 14, 2013 | Posted By: | News |

    Hello Family!

    I did my best to keep you all informed on our adventures and new magical relations during the “Feelin’Good” 2013 US tour.

    Taken things up from my last post, i actually left the band on the tour bus as they hit the road for 3 days traveling from Minnesota to Seattle passing by the great Gorge. Here’s a special Ricky-ism report for you :-)

    I ventured off to do a DJ show in Denver Colorado at a super cool original jazz club called Cervantes, where legends like Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, James Brown played on the same stage! I know ! This kid(me) from Leeds!! I have been pinching myself all along this musical journey, it keeps getting better!

    A big shout to all the Cervantes crew for looking after me soooo well, really feeling the Denver “Herbal” vibe:-) I had such a great DJ gig , even though it felt funny to be away from the rest of the band for a few days.

    Check the Barrington Levy props in this pic:-)





    27th Nov -Seattle was my next stop/start up with the band , and it was good to be back on stage with them all again at the lovely venue Neumos.

    Yet again another sell out show! Defo something going on out here for us, we are very grateful for the support!

    28th Nov Portland “Thanks Giving” when i was told we would be doing a show on “Thanks Giving” i thought perfect! “Feelin’ Good” and “Thanks Giving” go so well together. So it made no surprise that this show was sold out too! So many lovely souls wanting to celebrating that gratefulness in the essence of “Feelin’ Good” This event was full of wonderful surprises , things that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. to arrive and see this piece in our dressing room and this hand drawn flyer/poster just blew me away! thank you Maria & Mike :-)

    Chalk mural in our dressing room



    Amazing flyer/poster


    Thank’s so much to The Refuge Portland family, we are forever grateful!

    29th Nov San Francisco @ The Mezzanine , you know what i’m gonna say right ? Another sold out show:-) The last time we came to San Fran we had a sell out show at The Independent,that we could of sold a few times over. This time was even more amp’d ! Everywhere we have played in the US the fans have been wonderfully different , all ages , all walks of life. I’m loving the unknown on this journey,I could feel that sense of the tour coming to an end and us not wanting it too, as everyone’s energy levels just seem to be going up a level performance wise.

    30th Nov Los Angeles @ The El Ray , yep you guest it, another sell out show , check the pics below-:

    E.A.S.E. & Ricky Ranking



    The sell out crowd in L.A :-)



    We could feel the shows growing and growing in energy and enjoyment, so much Love thank u!

    2nd Dec was an early start for us, as we were invited to do “Morning Becomes Eclectic” on #KCRW -

    Setting up for the session Shovell the drum warrior.

    photo 1

    Big shout to Jason Bentley and the KCRW crew for inviting us:-)

    photo 2

    here’s the video to “I Am You” from our live radio session on #KCRW , so honoured to do this show:-)

    Enjoy! we did :-)


    2nd Dec @ The Belly up Solano beach the last show of the tour, boo hoo :-( Arriving after a 2 hour plus drive from the KCRW session, we got there just in time for this wonderful sunset -

    photo 3


    We’ve experience so many mind boggling connections on this trip and to see our name next this legend was just a trip :-)


    So with this been the last show and it was a Monday , none of us knew what to expect. The Solano massive did not let us down, they came and they let loose! For us it was the perfect sign off to a magnificent tour. We thank you all from the deepest warmest parts of our hearts, we’re on a mission! A mission of the unknown, but one of amazing wonder!

    Solano Belly up in effect! :-)


    This whole tour of “Feelin’ Good” has been such eye opener on many levels,with the intention to raise the vibration on this wonderful planet we all live on. Using musical melodies on stage with a smile, we could not of predicted the personal revelations that have come out of this experience. Healing on all kinds of levels! Healing within the band and testaments from fans, their stories and relationship to the sound of N.O.W has truly been overwhelming. So i take great pleasure in thanking all those that came and supported the shows and those that support the music too! Thank you soooooo much to my sister Katie Gray and my band of brothers Shovell, Grant Kershaw, Ricky Ranking, Mozez, Neesh Buttoo, Noel McGuire, Noel Kilbride, Daniel Cove, Anthony Gorry, Ben Kamps. who all helped make the “Feelin’ Good” EU & US tour be what it was- FANTASTIC! I Am Forever Grateful! Bless you all xxx

    What’s next?

    Well a holiday for me and family right now:-) Then it’s all about 2014 , which will mark 25yrs of Nightmares on wax !!! So all plans are based on “The best of” show/tour in the EU and back to the US again, with many other territories to be added. Exciting times!

    Wishing you all a wonderful festive season – Love “IS” the way :-)

    George(DJ E.A.S.E.) xxx

    Ps- Here’s a Dj mixed i did to represent that “Feel Good” stuff , mixed with LOVE xxx

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    #FeelinGood 2013 US tour- Story so far……….

    November 26, 2013 | Posted By: | News |

    Hola Familia!


    Greetings to you all :-)

    It’s taken me a week to write another post up here, i really don’t know where the time is going, but it’s going!

    Since my last update we have done some amazing sell out shows -:

    New York (Bowery Ballroom) Monday 18th

    in the midst of all this we did a new show on SiriusXm called “Sunset chill sessions”

    With – Ricky Ranking, Katie Gray and Mozez

    Which I’m proud to say we’ll be the 1st Band to perform and be aired on there, cool!

    When i have broadcast dates I’ll post them here.

    I’m also proud to say i got KB’d (Knocked back) by Howard Stern for a photo op whilst at the station.

    My claim to fame hey! it was hilarious! don’t call him Stern for nothing:-)

    Brooklyn ( Williams-burg music hall) Tuesday 19th

    Our time in NY has been fantastic! to sell both shows on Mon & Tues and to get them New Yorkers movin n shakin was something special I’m told by all out here, Long Live “Feelin Good”

    Toronto On @ The Hoxton Wednesday 20th

    Big Shout to DJ Sneak & familia for coming out to support what we do in Toronto , one love homie x

    Chicago @ The Lincoln Hall Friday 22nd

    This show was epic for us all, we feel the best sound we have had so far in the US. And that’s saying something as sound has been pretty good overall.


    Minneapolis @ 7th Street Entry 23rd November

    All special in there own and very intimate way. Happy to see fellow Dj Nickodemus come and support what we’re doing in Brooklyn, thx bro:-)

    As i mentioned in my last post , it has been a really funny tour with so much silliness going down. Here’s a snip of what we call “Ricky-Ism’s” pt-1

    Enjoy One Love Ease xxx


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